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We hope you enjoyed our website. If you would like full details and prices of the current shares available in our horse racing syndicates or how to own shares in a racehorse simply contact me on 07786 196 405 or via email

Call anytime to chat about racehorse ownership in more detail. All new share owners can visit the yard to further discuss our racehorse ownership and get to see our horses at first hand.

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Thinking of Joining PTR, You can contact Billy on 07786 196 405 or by email For full details and prices of the current race horses available with Keith Dalgleish simply click here.

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Why Join Us

  • Enables share owners to enjoy racing at a fraction of the cost of individual ownership.
  • No costly racing managers, Prestige share all the costs involved.
  • Prestige had a 19% Strike rate for 2013.
  • Our owners experienced their first ever Group entry when Sandras Diamond ran in the Firth o Clyde Stakes.
  • Prestige shares start at 5% /75% and shares can be as low as £490 with training fees at £90pm
  • Racing is a lot more affordable and fun with a group of people rather than as an individual.
  • All share owners receive full owners benefits.
  • Racehorse Syndicates are managed professionally and registered with British Horse racing Authority.
  • Your joining a winning team of Keith Dalgleish and Prestige with an excellent strike rate.
  • Owners badges, regular stable visits, paddock entry, fantastic days out etc
  • We can work out an option that suits you and still gives all the benefits of full ownership.