What does PTR do?

We put together racehorse ownership syndicates , i.e. a small number of people, a group of friends or a business to share in ownership of a racehorse.

How many people are there in each racehorse syndicate?

This varies, usually from four to a maximum of twelve, depending on individual preferences and horses available.

Why join a PTR syndicate rather than individual racehorse ownership?

It will be much more fun, more cost effective and will give you a greater chance of racing success at the higher level with no hidden cost or expensive racing managers.

Who buys the horses?

Keith Dalgleish is Scotlands number one trainer and Keith also has an excellent eye for a good horse along with our Bloodstock agent Bobby O’ryan.

When are the racehorse syndicates and shares available?

Shares are available in our syndicates all year round - just contact us for details or see our  racehorse Syndicates page for latest details.

How long do the horses race for?

We plan on racing our Flat racehorses from the age of two until the end of their three year old careers (i.e. for two seasons) when the horses are sold, unless the syndicate shareowners agree to keep the horse in training.

Who trains the horses?

Our flat horses are trained by Scotlands record breaker Keith Dalgleish at Belstane Stables.

Can shareowners visit their horses in training at the stables?

Yes, shareowners are more than welcome to visit their horse provided this is arranged in advance.

How will I know when my horse is running?

Syndicate share owners will be kept fully informed of their racehorses progress and running plans via regular email, our website, telephone calls and meetings.

What happens on race days?

PTR organises for  Owners/entrance badges for each share owner generally allowing access to the paddock before the race in addition to any Owners & Trainers facilities. We are also in attendance ensuring your day goes smoothly.

What happens to all prize money if my horse was to win?

All prize money will be divided equally among the shareowners.

What happens when the horse is sold?

All  money made from the sale of the horse will be divided equally among the shareowners.

Will shareowners make a profit?

Some may well do, but no-one should buy a share in a PTR syndicate to make a profit and racehorse syndicates should not be regarded as an investment.

How much does a race horse syndicate share cost?

This differs from syndicate to syndicate, depending on the proposed number of shareowners and the purchase price of the horse. 5% shares usually start from £495 for share and £90 per month training fees.

What payment options do you offer at PTR ?

We can offer a one off all inclusive payment which covers the price of the horse and one years training, or if you prefer you can pay monthly.

What does the price of a race horse share include?

The price of a share covers your % share purchase in the racehorse. Race fees are shared equally among each shareholder. Each owner pays their % to the amount of shares owned meaning there are no hidden extras or admin fees.